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The latest Kombi/Bulli/Microbus-related news is coming from Monterey, as an announcement on the future of the I.D. Buzz is expected this weekend.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is in California right now for Monterey Car Week and Automotive News Europe reports that he will be talking about the Buzz during the Concours d’Elegance on Saturday.

The I.D. Buzz was first revealed in Detroit at the beginning of the year as the largest vehicle on the MEB platform.

There was immediate skepticism about the microbus-like EV, as VW has made similar concepts in the past. Soon after, though, the project was said to have widespread support, including from Diess himself.

Now, the consensus is that VW will be making the car, though, an official announcement from the manufacturer is still outstanding.

Despite that, the Automotive News reports that the Buzz will hit dealerships in 2022. With the location of the announcement and the historic love for microbuses in the US, it seems all but certain that, unlike the I.D. hatch, American dealerships will be included in that.

Diess is expected to be joined by Ekhard Scholz, who heads VW’s light commercial vehicles division. The combination of the two men has led to speculation about the nature of their announcement, with many inferring that the Buzz will join the Transporter as a commercial vehicle with variants and add-ons for contractors.

Based on the all-electric MEB platform, the Buzz will have a range of around 270 miles and will send power to all four wheels.

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