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Scheduled Charging youtube

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Found this youtube that does more to explain the scheduled charging than I'd seen. Maybe you'll find it helpful.

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I gave up on scheduled charging early on and won't revisit until the next official OTA firmware update. Same for "unlock when charged."
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My 2017 iMac ran just fine until the latest iterations of MacOS Big Sur (now slow to boot, despite the solid state Fusion drive portion that is supposed to speed same). But then 4 years in computers is like dog years!! And our vehicles are ever closer to being computers first.

It does appear that VW removed/greyed out some problematic charging options at my 60-day service. But then I did pre-provide them my Festivus airing of grievances. "Ok smarty pants, we'll just delete it." 😆
"So while the newcomers to the VW family are excited about OTAs must remember it also gives VW the ability to simply remove problematic functions that they don't or can't resolve."

Understood. Also have seen the Tesla's updates tend to reduce range in the same way that Apple iOS updates add memory requirements on old phones that eventually make them unworkable. "Buy a new phone!"

Maybe the new ownership model is lease (my approach this time) and kick it back to the factory so it can recycle the parts... rather than fix them. VW will be in trouble if the OTA doesn't become a serious advantage rather than a faux marketing department fiction with nothing behind it.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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