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Service light 6-weeks from delivery! Coolant pump failure?

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Hello, I just recently purchased my ID4 about 6 weeks ago, and noticed two days ago that all the service lights are on. Electrical system not working, but also front assist not available and airbag errors. It’s also making a weird humming sound. Not how it does when you drive the car but like it’s cycling through something. The humming starts low and then goes to a pretty high pitch and then continues to do that over and over. It doesn’t stop unless I push the power button on the base of the steering wheel. I have an appt with the dealer on Wednesday, but this is concerning as it’s my first EV. Any ideas??
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It is probably a good idea to start a case with Customer Care.
There are multiple threads regarding that including the one that I started myself. Most likely it is coolant pump failure. Check them out!
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Perfect, thank you!
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