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Software 3.1 has changed the way that “Travel Assist” interacts with Cruise Control

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In Software V2.1, if you had engaged Cruise Control with the “Set” button*, it seemed to ALWAYS require a subsequent press of the “Travel Assist” button to switch the ID.4 into its self-driving mode.

Now, with V3.1, if you engage Cruise Control with the “Set” button, then depending on whether you last had just Cruise Control or full Travel Assist engaged, it will immediately re-enter that mode. That is, if you were last cruising in full Travel Assist and you press the “Set” button, you will immediately return to self-driving mode.

*I don't know if the on/off setting of ACC (“Adaptive Cruise Control”) affects that choice; I never cruise in non-ACC mode.
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Just like many other settings on 3.1, sometimes it will remember your last settings and other times it will decide to default to whatever it feels like. So you get used to hitting the set button and always being in TA, then one day you hit the set button and can’t figure out why your car is drifting into the next lane.
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