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Software: Anyone have timeline or a link to a post about the timeline for 3.0/3.1 release in the USA?

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The slow software genuinely makes the car experience bad. At least for me, I do not understand how this was allowed to go out in this state.

I was fine with it for a while because it was a new car, new driving experience. Everything about the car is amazing EXCEPT the software and no one pedal driving(which i can live without). Now that i have been driving it for almost 2k miles, driving has become a normal experience and the frustration of the software being slow grows, i want to get in my car and turn on the AC. Not sit there and wait for the software to take 1-2 mins to wake up and then move at 2 fps to the menu. I understand it goes into a deep sleep, i think that is okay but my laptop can start up and be at the desktop in 12 seconds on average, so i feel like it isn't unreasonable to ask a $45k-$50k car to do the same.

Another thing that makes the experience worse is getting into another person car and their software is super fast and snappy. It makes my car feel like it wasn't worth the value, almost feel like i would have bought the car for 25k and the 25k discount was to let me write the software, atleast if my software breaks i can only blame myself the 1 developer not a 250 billion(2021 EUR revenue) dollar company.

If the software isn't out or it comes out and doesn't solve basic issues like the performance of the software in the next year, i will be selling it as other car companies are coming out with similar cars with better software, more features, and a similar price tag. Which would be disappointing because i was excited for VW. This is my first VW car and everything about it was so exciting to support a company planning on swapping the majority of their cars to EVs. I WANT to support it, but imo it isn't worth it if basic software is a problem for the company. I don't need OTA updates, i could even go into a service center if it meant fixing it but even the service centers were like /shrug.
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If the 3.1 software is installed on the 2022 models being delivered, it seems the issue may not be the software but “other issues” updating from an earlier versions. Doesn’t seem to make sense.
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