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Software update failure

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My ID3 has been at the garage for over a week while the service department struggle to upload the software. They have submitted a ticket to VW for assistance but can’t give me a completion date. Anyone on here have any idea how long this takes to resolve and what my rights are?
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Typically they'll be in direct contact with VW factory engineering at this point and they should resolve fairly quickly (but of course I have no idea how long). If they can't procedure-resolve it within a 'reasonable' timeframe they may replace computer components to better facilitate the firmware loading and return the original to factory for failure analysis. Fortunately every part is vendor coded so they can quickly ascertain if a common or uncommon issue.
I once had to wait 2-weeks for a computer related issue but that was ICE so again no real frame of reference for you.
Vehicles are rolling computers these days so we have the benefits of same but also the curses.
All the best.
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Thank you - they’ve prepared me for at least a fortnight so maybe they will replace the computer, as you suggested
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