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Software Wishlist

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There's a thread for things people want changed. But I feel like it includes too much hardware and I was wanting a thread focused on software that is currently possible. We all know brake hold and plug & charge are coming and bug fixes but there could be more updates to comfort & convenience. My big one that I just experienced after coming home from work is the light near the charger port doesn't always turn on. I had to turn on my garage lights to be able to plug-in. I'd like for it to turn on all the time when the cap is open and maybe turn on again when the car sees you approach again.
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I mentioned this on one of the other threads, but I’d appreciate it if the overall UI bright/dark mode could have an auto setting tied to auto headlight on/off. Bright for “off” / daytime and dark for “on” / night time.
Completely agree with others who’ve asked for improvements to the seat and wheel heater controls.
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I’d enjoy a setting to automatically cycle the ambient lighting colors as you drive, such that you might not notice the colors changing, but register every now and again that they had changed.

Another idea along these lines would be a mode to have the ambient lighting adjust on a gradient based on speed.

+1 for whoever mentioned leaving the auto high beams on between driving sessions, so you don’t have to remember to turn them on as dusk.

I’d appreciate if the car could remember my “B” mode preference between sessions. Could be a key-linked feature or a matter of remembering the setting from the prior session.
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Same here! I keep looking every time I drive for an update that so far hasn’t arrived.
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