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Software Wishlist

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There's a thread for things people want changed. But I feel like it includes too much hardware and I was wanting a thread focused on software that is currently possible. We all know brake hold and plug & charge are coming and bug fixes but there could be more updates to comfort & convenience. My big one that I just experienced after coming home from work is the light near the charger port doesn't always turn on. I had to turn on my garage lights to be able to plug-in. I'd like for it to turn on all the time when the cap is open and maybe turn on again when the car sees you approach again.
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1. The color of the ID.4 in the various menus should match the actual car.
2. Explicit driver profiles in the interface. Right now there are apparently some settings that are saved with the driver seat memory buttons but I have no clue what those settings are. Radio presets, driver seat memory (both 1 and 2), driving mode, climate control settings, bluetooth and carplay priority, UI layout, ambient lighting, etc should all be tied to a driver profile. Should support many profiles. Also you should be able to tie a specific profile to a specific key.
3. Ability to set custom background pictures. If in clock display mode, have an option to cycle through background pictures, perhaps pulling from the photos of the currently connected phone.
4. Screen cleaning mode that locks the display and other touch surfaces so you can clean without accidental touch and button presses.
5. SDK (Software Development Kit) so we can write our own apps. I've been waiting for this since I got a Volt in 2013. Back then GM was receptive to the idea and I even had a few email conversations about it, but it went nowhere. Then I got a Tesla and really thought we'd get an SDK there, but nope. If VW were to do it, possibilities are endless. They could have an app store directly in the UI. You could play Spotify directly from the UI instead of through carplay/AA for example.
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