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The ID.4 Crozz and ID.4 X have leaked in China. Pictures appeared on's facebook page showing the two cars being built by FAW-Volkswagen.

Although they're the same length and have the same wheelbase, the ID.4 X is a taller crossover that more traditionally follows in the SUV tradition. The ID.4 Crozz, meanwhile, is lower and more car-like in its design, despite also being a larger, hatch-back crossover.

Thanks to VW's decision to allow its geographically separate offices more control over their products, there is no guarantee that these specific models will be sold in the US. It is however likely that the ID.4 models we do get will be similar and VW's desire to double up here, is indicative of its long-held variant mindset. The expense of designing a whole platform for its electric vehicles will also mean that a plurality of models will define the ID lineup.

The overall design of these ID.4s hoves pretty closely to the design set by the ID.Crozz concept. It also follows closely with the design language set by the ID.3.

Sales of the ID.4 are expected to start late this year or early 2021 in Europe. Volkswagen has started work on an EV production center in Chattanooga that will eventually produce the ID.4.

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