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Strange Battery Light on NAV Screen

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Strange one today, I was driving with approx 80% charge, using the NAV to go someplace and a picture of a Red Battery showed up under the ETA and Miles To Go on the right side of the NAV screen. The manual as far as I can see doesn't even list this battery icon. I also got a voice warning twice that I needed to go to a charge station because I wasn't going to make my destination, yet I still had 200 miles of battery to use. I drove 30 something miles road trip and made it back home. There were no other warnings or indications anywhere in the car. Two times the light flickered out and came back. I got home put the car in reverse to back in and the red battery light went away. I have not turned the car back on and its on my level 2 charger right now.
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Anybody see this before?
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I’ve not seen that one, but I have seen the nav auto insert charging stops while I was on a highway going highway speeds, and when I got off the highway and my consumption dropped, it took them away because it realized I‘d make it home.
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