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After the test drive I am bit on the fence why I should get a ID.4 against a Model 3 standard plus (let's say). I personally felt the ID.4 made a good first impression during the test drive; but felt short of making a statement for me.

  1. From a performance perspective, it was good, but Tesla is a leader here
  2. From a cosmetics point of view, I felt both are comparable. Very likely ID.4 has better seats; though dashboard and instrument panel were meh imo
  3. And seating and storage, ID.4 leads for sure between the two
  4. Lastly, pricing, it feels both are very comparable. the standard plus with be around $38,190. ID.4 would be $45,190 minus potential $7,500 (fed rebate) = $37,690.
I am curious what I am missing here or how you are thinking about ID.4 v/s Tesla? And why would you pick one v/s another

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I hate that Tesla still sells "Full Self Driving" for $10,000 extra, and its still not even remotely true (and Elon recently admits its not likely anytime soon.) I expect a giant class action lawsuit from those who have paid for that. Its FSD is really driver assist features like are already included on the ID.4. like adaptive cruise, lane keeping, etc.

I also think its horrible that Tesla is now hyping bitcoin and invested 1.5 billion into it. That alone is enough for me to never buy one, besides the entire complete stock hype machine they have become. Bitcoin and thus also tesla are now such a huge environmental problem that the green (ESG) funds and many other responsible investors may have to remove their Tesla investments causing a giant crash.

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For me, the Tesla-level performance is unnecessary (and as someone who shares the road with those drivers, I'd even say it's a potentially unsafe level of performance).

vs. a Model 3, the biggest differentiator is the form factor (sedan vs. cross-over). I wouldn't even consider a Model 3 since it's not the type of vehicle I want. That point explains your points 3 and 4. It's not fair to either vehicle to compare storage/seating and pricing on two cars in different classes.

If I were comparing against Model Y, that's when I would get into the Tesla quality problems, their business practices, price, styling, etc.

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ID.4 would be $45,190 minus potential $7,500 (fed rebate) = $37,690.
The ID.4 Pro is listed as just under $40K.

Elsewhere, we wanted a hatchback, and we wanted good build quality and some creature comforts, like low wind-noise, etc.

I'd love +300 miles of real range but, overall, we like the full package.

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Interior space behind the driver and luggage/stuff space is the only reason I'm not considering M3 SR and why I don't think it will be cross shopped all that frequently with ID. We have a sedan but looking for something more spacious as second vehicle.

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I think you鈥檙e missing:
5. Repair and service - the ID4 takes a clear lead here, and it will stay that way for a while.
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