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... for me... It's not the easily scratchable glossy plastics or touch senstive controls or lack of some lighted controls or lack of dedicated rear window buttons or lack of one pedal driving or lack of heat pump in US version or not so fast charging but... it's the damn charging port location...

Why on earth would they pick rear right location? IMO it's one of the worst locations for EV which meant to spend most of the time charging at home. I would have been fine with front like in Leaf or front left side like in I had in Volt/Bolt or even rear left would have been ok like in Tesla. Of course VW isn't the only one who is guilty of that, Hyundai/Kia as well as Toyota also doing the same thing, there are some China made EVs using right front location.

There are a few options how to solve it for manufacturers. Either 1) standardize location of the port 2) add two locations on both sides at least
The charging port location is perfect for me. My level 2 hardwired charger is 4 feet away and no one can trip over the cord.

If the location of the charging port is such a big deal for you, why did you purchase the ID4 in the first place without doing your homework first?
1 - 2 of 147 Posts