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I too would prefer the charging port to be on the driver's side or up front. However, in the case of the VW, most German ICE cars have the filler access on the right side of the car. That's because the mufflers on most of those cars are on the left side, and for safety, they purposely placed the filler in a location where spilled fuel would not likely come in contact with a hot exhaust system. The location of the EVSE port may be a carry-over of that logic. Anyway, that's my "seat of the pants" guess. 🤥 YMMV.
Actually Germans fuel on the passenger side because they historically used roadside fuel pumps they would drive alongside. It's NOT because their exhaust is on the driver's side. The fuel filler position came first, and the opposite exhaust followed.
1 - 1 of 147 Posts