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The charge port door is perfect for me because it's in the same place on my Mitsubishi, which I drive every day. For me, the pain in the neck location was my 2017 Chevy Volt - I had to install a separate EVSE on a pole in the center of my garage . . . . or, deal with cords laying on the floor which I hate

Backing into ANY parking place has never made a lick of sense to me. Most Americans can't get centered in a parking spot when parking nose in - There'd be bent fenders if most of them tried backing in, especially in as tight a spot as many garages. When you pull in nose first, backing out just retraces the trip in, so it can be done much, much easier than backing in. My last few cars have all had cross traffic alerts if there is anyone around when I have it in reverse. It's just safer and much quicker all around parking nose in. Don't you just love waiting and waiting for someone to make their third or fourth pass trying to back into a spot? Case closed as far as I'm concerned
1 - 1 of 147 Posts