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When I lifted the ID.4 to repair a punctured tire, I realized the jacks I have don't exactly fit the VW standard(s). A friend's split groove jack from his Mazda did the trick, but the split was narrow and the jack stayed attached to the car as I lowered it.

I see from ebay listing VW has made the transition to a new lifting plate design on the current Atlas and Tiguan. The ID.4 didn't adopt it; stayed old school.

I picked up a 2004 Touareg jack fur $30. The Touareg has similar ground clearance to the ID.4 so I figured it works be a safe bet versus, say, a Jetta jack.

The jack screw has barely 1/2" clearance from the lower body panel is the car, but it's enough. This style lifting plate engages fine with the car.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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