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Trade my Homelink mirror for regular mirror plus $200

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When I got the Homelink mirror, I chucked the standard mirror because why would I need it? Well...I'm selling the ID.4. Anyone in the Houston area (preferably north side, but nearby is fine) want a Homelink mirror? I'll need your standard one so I've got something to use, and $200 please. I'm happy to lose the $100 off the sticker price.

If possible, I'd like to meet somewhere and swap them out. It's a 10 minute operation, probably less. Yes, I'll wear a mask and ask that you do the same.

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Not yet...
I almost convinced myself driving 7+ hour roundtrip from San Antonio would be worth saving $50ish
LOL. It’s not.

I’m furious with myself for getting rid of the regular mirror So I could just sell and ship this thing. good luck!
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