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Trailer Hitch

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Does anyone know if the US AWDs will have the hidden trailer hitch we see in the European videos? I hope it's not another cost-cutting victim for the US and we get a crude fixed receiver.
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It'll be the same as on the US First Edition. AFAIK, it isn't hidden.
The US will be getting a fixed 1-1/4" receiver. It will not be the hidden drop down ball hitch that the europeans get.
Has anyone used their OEM trailer hitch?
I haven't. Gotta get a ball first 😉. Mostly for what?
I might remove mine for the winter, but probably use my son's 2013 V6 Pajero (non-NA Mitsubishi Montero) hitch.
Just being noses 🙂.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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