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Many things are possible to be altered in software in this very software dependent vehicle, provided the hardware is in place to accommodate same. In the case of travel assist there are various active/passive components required, so it does depend to a degree on your model and how it is optioned, with various options differing by global region.

Possibilities vs. how VW will proceed only VW knows.

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I recently got a ID.4 1st. I'm lacking travel assist. Does anyone know if it will be possible to add travel assist as a software upgrade in the future?
Travel assist is combination of few assists in one (ACC, lane keep assist, lane guidance assist, and traffic jam assist).

In older VW, this is very doable and relatively easy by using a tool like VCP. However, VW brought SFD protection and it is not easy to bypass this. (Though there are websites you can get SFD token and mod your car).

In ID.4, here is the list of modules currently protected and not protected by SFD:

list of the modules protected by SFD

03-ABS Brakes
09-Cent. Elect.
19-CAN Gateway
23-Brake Booster
5F-Information Electr.
8123-App server 1 system 1 adaptive
8124-App server 1 system 2 Java
8125-App server 3 system 1 infotaint.
C002: SW Cluster Embedded (SWC2)
C003: SW Cluster Housekeeping (SWC3)

modules that are not protected by SFD:

05-Acc/Start Auth.
06-Seat Mem. Pass
08-Auto HVAC
10-Park/Steer Assist
13-Auto Dist. Reg
16-Steering wheel
2B-Steer. Col. Lock
36-Seat Mem. Drvr
3C-Lane Change
42-Door Elect, Driver
44-Steering Assist
51-Electric Drive
52-Door Elect, Pass.
6C-Back-up Cam.
6D-Trunk Elect.
8C-Hybrid Battery
A5-Frt Sens. Drv. Assist
BB-Door Rear Drv
BC-Door Rear Pass
C0-Act. for Ext. Noise
C6-Batt. Chrg.
D6-Light Ctrl Left 2
D7-Light Ctrl Right 2
8105-DC/DC Converter 12V
8116-Snd enhanct 2
811E-Burglary Protection FL
811F-Burglary Protection FR
8120-Burglary Protection RL
8121-Burglary Protection RR
8128-Light line display

A5-Frt Sens. Drv. Assist is the module that is mostly related to travel assist, but if I remember correctly central electronics and information electronics modules need to be also updated. Considering latter two are protected by SFD, you might have a hard time getting Travel Assist.

However, I think VW group is excited about OTA system because now they can charge people for additional features that enthusiast diagnostic tool companies were providing for a while. It is very likely that in the near future you will have a store in the car menu or your phone app to purchase features like Travel Assist.

Note: I previously had an e-Golf before and I activated travel assist on the car, and it was a fun to drive, especially on the highway.

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From what I am reading, all models come with Travel Assist. How is it that the 1st Edition would be missing that feature?


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From what I am reading, all models come with Travel Assist. How is it that the 1st Edition would be missing that feature?
All US models include Travel Assist. Travel Assist is not included on all models in other countries. The original poster is not in the US.
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