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Trunk lift gate closure failure

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I’ve been having this issue intermittently starting 3 weeks after the ID.4 was delivered to me 5 months ago. The power trunk lift gate would intermittently not close properly, and I would get a red indicator on the binnacle looking like a red lift gate. I would then open the trunk, press the close button and would force it down to slam it shut. If I did it strongly enough, it would close properly, and the red light indicator on the binnacle would go away. It would then work fine for several lift gate openings and closings, but then would stop working again. When it’s wasn’t registered as closed properly, it would actually unlatch half the way about 3-4 seconds after the lift gate would close and latch. After it half unlatched, it would stay closed and latched, but the trunk lift gate wouldn’t be flush (half latched).

Well, it’s been happening more and more often, and finally tonight it can no longer be rectified by forcing the lift gate down to slam it shut. No matter how hard I try to slam it shut, it would not register as closed, and it would then half unlatch 3-4 seconds later.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I’m dreading taking it to the dealer tomorrow and asking them to fix it.
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We had the same problem. Took it to the dealer and 5 days later:
"verified customer concern that rear latch is not locking performed visual inspector and found rear lid is not closing all the way scanned vehicle and found fault for vx16 assist motor open circuit follow test plan looked at wires connections and voltage everything looks fine, voltage is reading at 12v, was advised by test plan to replace vx16 assist motor, replaced motor, performed coding and basic settings after all that rear door still would not close all the way so i tore into the trunk to get to the j605 to check the wiring and found that the connected to the j605 was barely connected and not seated properly plugs in connector and now everything is working as it should be"
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