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The ID.3 will go on sale in the United Kingdom starting in July, according to Autocar. Deliveries will also start this summer. It will be a month later than other countries because of the time it'll to get enough right hand drive models.

The Volkswagen ID 3 will go on sale in the UK in July, with deliveries on track to begin this summer, despite the impact of the coronavirus and a number of software issues with the car, according to the firm’s sales boss.

The electric hatchback will eventually be offered with three battery capacities and two power outputs, but it will be launched with just a special First Edition model. This will use the mid-size 58kWh battery for a claimed range of 260 miles. It will offer 201bhp driven through the rear wheels, 229lb ft of torque and a top speed of 99mph.

Volkswagen offered a pre-ordering service for the ID 3 First Edition, with more than 35,000 customers worldwide placing a refundable deposit. Those who placed a deposit in continental Europe will be able to buy their cars from 17 June onwards, and Volkswagen sales boss Jürgen Stackmann said the UK will follow in mid-July, due to the extra time required to gain type approval for right-hand-drive versions.

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