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Volkswagen has two really iconic cars: the Beetle and the Microbus.

While the Beetle is still sold to this day, we were all waiting to hear more about another Microbus. And this electric van really reignites that hippie dream.

It’s hard to mistake this BUDD-e concept for anything but a new generation of VW’s iconic van, but it does feature a new twist: it’s all electric. Underneath that retro styling is a 101-kWh battery that allows for up to 373 miles of pure electric range. In addition to that recognizable design and next-generation powertrain, the BUDD-e concept also sports some cool high-tech features including a new infotainment system and the ability to connect to your smart home.

But first, the most important part of this concept is what you can’t see: the platform. This is the first vehicle based on VW’s new Modular Electric Platform, called MEB for short. This platform will be used on all of Volkswagen’s upcoming plug-in cars.

VW says this car explores what electric motoring will be like in the year 2019, with this vehicle’s 373 mile range being recharged to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. The BUDD-e concept will even allow for inductive, cordless charging. Both the front and rear axles are powered, allowing this van to hit a top speed of 93 mph.

The vehicle’s electric powertrain allows for a very spacious interior, something that’s quite important in a van. One area where VW changed things up is with the packaging of the heater and air-conditioning unit, which are integrated in the front end of the car.

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