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It’s no secret that sales of the Beetle are less than stellar and that’s led to rumors about the car’s future. Volkswagen doesn’t want to drop the idea of the Beetle altogether, because the nameplate holds such a special place in its history.

Klaus Bischoff, head of VW design, called the current Beetle one of his favorite designs for the brand and recent reports have suggested that an all-electric version is in the cards

“We are fighting hard [for it] and considering a new electric bug,” Bischoff told VW Vortex at the Detroit auto show. “Let’s see what we can do on that one.”

Bischoff said much the same thing to Automobile Mag, adding though that “there have been no decisions so far.”

Whether that means a current Beetle retrofitted with batteries (like the e-Golf) or an all new electric Beetle on the MEB platform (like the I.D.), Bischoff did not say.

While an all-new Beetle may be an expensive solution for a car with middling sales numbers, a rear engine, affordable, electric Beetle at least has a thematic consistency with the original Beetle and might help ease the buying public into the idea of VW’s electric future.

With an electric series coming to Red Bull Global Rallycross in 2018, a series that VW and its Beetles currently dominate, the automaker would have the perfect outlet to advertise a new electric Beetle’s speed and handling, too.

Whatever the case, Bischoff was quick to add that the current Beetle isn’t on the chopping block right now.

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