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Volkswagen is looking to move past its diesel scandal by focusing on electric vehicles.

The company will reportedly unveil a new all-electric vehicle concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) early next year that is assumed to be the Microbus concept. With the concept’s debut, Volkswagen will also host a discussion about the future of its electric vehicles that will take advantage of a special vehicle architecture that can use flat batteries. The German automaker is calling the technology a breakthrough that will likely help increase range as well as lower the costs of electric vehicles.

Brand chief Herbert Diess also shared that Volkswagen is creating a new business segment called “New Volkswagen” that will bundle development of digital features for connected vehicles and related mobility services. Diess admits that “the automobile world is changing dramatically and new players have unbelievable resources,” likely referencing technology companies such as Apple and Alphabet Inc. (Google). As a result, Volkswagen will be putting forth effort and investment into other things such as software development and battery production.

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