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The Volkswagen e-Golf will reportedly get a bigger battery and larger motor.

The all-electric Golf is expected to receive a facelift in the near future and with it will come a 35.8-kWh battery, up from 24.2 kWh. That’s a 48 percent increase in battery capacity thanks to the use of 37-Ah cells over 25-Ah cells. As a result, range will be upgraded to 186 miles NEDC or a real-world range of about 124 miles. The estimation comes from Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger, head of electronics and electronics development at Volkswagen.

According to Tanneberger, who spoke at a journalist workshop at the Formula E race in Berlin, Volkswagen will offer all e-Golfs with the higher capacity instead of offering tiered range options.

The report also notes that the facelifted e-Golf will get a larger motor, up from 100 kW to 120 kW. Due to cost issues, the e-Golf will likely keep its slower 3.6-kW onboard charger with the refresh.

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