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Volkwagen has started testing their fleet of 150 ID.3s. They announced a comprehensive test phase of their vehicles "with a focus on everyday suitability."

They had to do a draw to select the employees that would take a test vehicle.

Volkswagen announced a comprehensive test phase of its all-new ID.3 (scheduled for customer deliveries in early September) "with a focus on everyday suitability.""

A group of voluntary employees from the Zwickau, Chemnitz and Dresden plants (in Saxony, Germany) will test a total of 150 ID.3 "in several waves" over the next several weeks to provide the final feedback and additional quality assurance ahead of market launch.

There were many willing, so the company selected testers by a lucky draw.

The ID.3 cars are "not yet equipped with the designated final software status", but during the test phase, the cars will be getting "regular updates" of the software.

As we know, the first batch of customers will also not get all the features, as some are expected a few months later (see details).Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for E-mobility said:

“The comprehensive driving profiles in the run-up to the European market launch of the ID.3 are extremely valuable to us and open up further potential for optimization. Added to this is the very personal feedback from our employees. That means our team in Zwickau is not only building the ID.3 to the highest quality standards, it is also actively assisting in the further development of the technology and electric cars.”
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