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If you're planning on getting an ID vehicle I'd recommend that you download the VW EV Check app from Google Play.

Experience e-mobility in your own car!

No matter, what car you own - The app let you record your driving profile in your own car and compare it with the Volkswagen ID.3. Based on your current car and personal profile, the app will tell you if an electric vehicle suits your mobility needs. Discover this all new model in Augmented Reality.

Explore all electric vehicles by Volkswagen in 3 simple steps:
1. Install the app
2. Record your driving profile during one or more trips
3. Compare your profile with any of the Volkswagen emobility cars¥ performance

You will learn about your own distance traveled, the estimated energy consumption and CO2 exhausted during your trip and the total cost of your own driving style in comparison to either a ID.3, e-Golf or the e-up! (EV) by Volkswagen. Based on your current car, the app will tell you if an electric vehicle suits your mobility needs. In addition it also calculates your savings in terms of consumption and CO2 emissions.What is your range? And how often do you need to charge your vehicle? And most of all: where can you charge it? Are there enough charging stations near your home? You will have these questions about the charger network nearby answered.

In addition, discover e-mobility with the new ID.3 in Augmented Reality (AR) and interact with exterior and interior functionalities.
Other features include an overview of available charging stations nearby, an estimated full charging time and an extensive FAQ about emobility as such, incl. topics like charging station networks, e-mobility milage and consumption figures, driving configurations and EV specs.

It is time for everyone to plug in and take part in a new movement. With the launch of the all-electric Volkswagen ID. Family, electric mobility becomes accessible for everyone.

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