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Volkswagen hasn't announced plans to make an electric pickup truck but if they do it could be because of Rivian. Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen's board member for electric mobility told Autoblog that the company has been keeping their eyes out on Rivian and their electric truck, the R1T. If VW does offer an electric truck it would likely be an electric version of the Amarok.

Ulbrich said "It's a difficult discussion, to have an Amarok or a similar car using BEV technology. We are looking at what Rivian is doing, because normally it is difficult to believe that a car like the Amarok, for example, could be electrified. But, nevertheless, step by step our investigation and research makes us think it becomes more possible. By making this technology more and more robust, an Amarok-type of car would be BEV."

If VW offered an electric pickup would you consider buying it over an ID.3 or ID.4? Or should they not bother? If it's a full size truck I'd consider it but if it's a mid-size truck I'm not so sure.

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