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Volkswagen ID.3 Complaints, Issues And Problems

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Your ID.3 might die if left sitting for a couple of days. Its a common issue with EVs caused by the 12v battery.

"Ed Stratton created the video after “just a few owners of the new Volkswagen ID.3 have reported that they left their car parked for a day or two and came back to find it completely dead.” His suggestion is to put a CTEK battery monitor to wirelessly check how well it is and a CTEK battery booster not to get stranded with the car. We have tried to contact him on Facebook but still have not heard from him.

We are still unsure how many of these problems are related to the 12V battery discharging and how many are disconnected keys that make it look like the battery is dead. Anyway, this is apparently related to the software issues the car has had even before it was presented."

The fix?...

Software update version 0570. Did anyone get it done?

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I am on a couple German EV forums & presently all the cars are rolling off the line with software version 0564.
Can you recommend some GermanEV forums? Would love to participate there as well.
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