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Volkswagen ID.3 completes 17,500-mile trip

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At 17.5k miles, this trip proves how practical an EV can be with the right infrastructure:

From the driver:

“An inquisitive nature and many questions about electric mobility were two constant companions on our tour, most of all at the quick-charging stations and the many dealerships we stopped at over the course of the ID.3 Germany tour. The charging infrastructure is already relatively well developed nowadays. 652 stations were compatible with We Charge. However, at some sites there is still potential for improvement, for instance, some charging stations are located off the beaten track or they are poorly lit at night.”


“Not just the charging stations, but also the VW ID.3 demonstrated that electric mobility in Germany is efficient and suitable for everyday challenges. On average, the test vehicle consumed 19 kWh per 100 km covered during this marathon test drive while the longest stretch without charging was 420 kilometres.”

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This is a fun and quite educational publicity event. If you haven't done so before, take in a few episodes/days at ID.3 Deutschlandtour.

The real world efficiency of 17 kWh/100km for two months on a good mix of German roads - Autobahn, highways, city and town streets, flat country and Alpine passes - gives us a number to play with:
It translates to a real world range of the ID.3 of 282 miles /453 km.
For the ID.4, using WLTP ranges to compare (336 mi for ID.3, 323 mi for ID.4 per VW Germany), the expected real world range would be 270 miles on the same tour.
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