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In a podcast interview with Automotive News, a VW CEO stated that ID4 supply will be tight till Chattanooga production begins in 2022. Till then, they'll be working to get the best allocation they can for the U.S. market. Global demand is expected to be strong so a slower start in some markets like the U.S. happens from time to time.

U.S. supply of VW ID4 expected to be limited
Larry P. Vellequette

"The factory [in Zwickau, Germany] is ramping up hard" since the start of production this month, said Duncan Movassaghi, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Volkswagen of America. "We believe that the demand for the car globally will be strong, and we're still working with our colleagues in Germany to get the very best allocation we can to the U.S. market." He said Volkswagen's board of management and senior leadership have "been very, very supportive" of making sure the compact crossover will be available in sufficient numbers when it goes on sale.
Volkswagen of America CEO Scott Keogh told Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein in a podcast interview to be broadcast this week that ID4 supply is expected to be tight for U.S. dealers at least until production of the BEV begins in 2022 in Chattanooga.

Once they sign up, consumers will be able to see the status of their reservation and get updates through the build and delivery process for their individual vehicle. Incentives, including the $7,500 federal credit, will be automatically configured into the online pricing by ZIP code.

The actual sales price will still be set by the local dealer and could differ from the sticker price, which has not been disclosed. Keogh suggested that the ID4's sticker price would be "a tick over" $30,000, after available credits.

VW dealerships are undergoing individual reviews now to prepare them to sell electric vehicles, with Volkswagen subsidizing up to 85 percent of the costs of the needed dealership infrastructure.

The ID4, based on Volkswagen's modular battery-electric MEB platform, is expected to launch with an estimated range in excess of 300 miles, according to other VW executives.

Source: Automotive News
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