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It looks like VW plans on building a Tesla Model 3 fighter.

VW is going all-out with electrification, according to German car magazine Auto Bild. The Wolfsburg-based automaker has responded to the dieselgate scandal by investing heavily in new zero-emissions models.

One of the signature models of this new slate of EVs will be what VW currently calls the CUVe (Coupe Utility Vehicle) which will compete in the market against the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The model will come in two different guises, a bulkier SUV as well as a longer, sportier variant. The SUV will largely mimic the current Tiguan while the sportier version will be 30 cm longer and take its inspiration from the Tiguan CC. The CUVe models are slated to debut in 2019.

Auto Bild also reported that the production version of the BUDD-e microbus concept, which VW introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, will be named the e-Bulli. Perhaps a name change will come if the microbus is brought to the North American market. The e-Bulli is also scheduled to debut in 2019.

As we reported earlier, VW is developing a BMW i3 fighter as part of its EV plan, which will be slated below the CUVe in the model offering. At the top end of the electric model range will be an e-SUV based on the VW Phaeton.

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