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Scott Keogh, Volkswagen Group of America President, says that the Porsche-developed PPE platform is “something we’re looking at.”

The high-performance electric platform currently underpins the Taycan. Keogh's comments suggest that VW is looking at producing a high-performance vehicle to join its electric lineup.

“Certainly, we see some opportunities there for us,” Keogh told journalists after the launch of the ID.4. But, he added, “we’re fanatical about reaching an affordable price point.”

The lowest-price Taycan currently costs $103,000 and pricing rise to north of $200,000. As you'd expect, Porsche customers are used to six-figure price tags, but it might be a step too far for VW customers.

Currently, the most expensive vehicle in the VW lineup is the V6 Atlas SEL Premium, which has an MSRP of about $49,000. Whether or not the price of a vehicle built on the PPE platform can be cut roughly (though perhaps not exactly) in half will likely be the biggest factor determining this project’s success.

R GmbH has publicly shown interest in making performance EVs and will undoubtedly hope to capitalize on the success of the ID.R electric racer.

The Taycan 4S, currently the cheapest Taycan in the range, makes 522 hp and hits 60 mph in 4 seconds flat. The Golf R, by contrast, made 288 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque in 2019 and hit 60 mph in just a little under 5 seconds.

Although there’s plenty of room for detuning the motors, those 0-60 splits don’t sound $50,000 apart to me, so managing the competing interests of speed and money will be difficult.
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