As IAA 2021 winds down in Munich, we have new photos of an all-new prototype for a Volkswagen electric sedan!

These are the first pictures of the all-electric VW Passat/Aero B. The fully-electric sedan will be available from 2023 and could be a replacement for the Passat. The car was first introduced as the ID.Space Vizzion.

There will be two different versions of the Aero B. The first one will be a sedan (as photographed) and later there will be a wagon/shooting brake, like the concept car.

The design of the Aero B is still under a lot of camouflage and can only be speculated. We can see a long hood with a relatively short overhang at the front and rear. The passenger space seems to be on the larger side and the truck seems to be rather short. This could mean that there's going to be quite a bit of frunk storage space.

It's hard to see the usual ID Styling because the rear taillights are fake. Only the daytime running lights in the headlights are visible. The camouflage tries to hint at a grille and exhaust but that's just a clever disguise.

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