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Not only are they aiming to defeat Tesla but set new standards as well. The ID lineup is a great example of that with the two models we have already. A total of nine models will complete the series:

Alexander Hitzinger has a CV pretty enough to hang on a wall. After helping develop the Le Mans- and nearly public road-dominating 919 Hybrid at Porsche, he jumped ship to work at Apple on its autonomous car project. Now, he's back under the Volkswagen Group umbrella where he's been placed in charge of the automaker's most ambitious electric vehicle project yet. It's reportedly called Project Artemis, and it's slated to culminate in an EV that VW hopes will knock Tesla out of the running once and for all.

Disclosed in an interview between Hitzinger and Reuters, Project Artemis is named for the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt, symbolizing VW's intentions for the program. Hitzinger told the outlet Artemis will be a vehicle engineered almost from the ground up to maximally integrate and optimize its various systems—automated driving, connected vehicle, powertrain, and infotainment.
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