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looking for thoughts on what is causing a clock spring to fail in a 2017 Caddy regularly, 1st time: within 3 months of purchase, 2 time: 10 months 3rd time 12months 4th time within 3 months 5th time: 18 months 6th time 12 months (outside of warranty)
in all instances except 5th time the clock spring was just replaced no investigation done
5th repair : service centre used wadding held in with velcro under the steering cape to prevent hair & dust to the clock spring
I don't believe hair and dust is the issue given how many times it has broken but seems to be connected to the rotation of the wheel too far as its happened so many times I can get a feel for when its going to happen sort of thing, also for it to happen within 3 months of purchase when the car was brand new when I look back now was a red flag but didn't appreciate how important it is to the car and to the driver until recently as its happened so many times and now its at my own cost, wondering if anyone knows about what should be looked at or if the area to be looked at would be considered too expensive to fix or irreparable?
am worried as it happens so often now & can't be fixed that something more catastrophic is round the corner given its key to driver safety & breaks stuff in the steering?
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