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Volkswagen recently revealed a concept for an autonomous mobile charging robot and energy storage system. That way, in a busy garage or parking lot, the chargers can find you rather than you waiting or an open spot at a fixed charging station

Here's how the robot would work:

After it is started via app or V2X communication, a mobile robot drives itself to the vehicle that needs charging and communicates with it.

From opening the charging socket flap to connecting the plug to decoupling – the entire charging process occurs without any human interaction.

The highlight: the mobile robot brings a trailer in the form of a mobile 25kWh energy storage device (called a ‘battery wagon’) to the vehicle and connects them; this energy storage device then charges the vehicle battery.

The robot itself then moves on to the next EV to set up the next EV for charging via another battery wagon.

Once the charging service is complete, the robot collects the battery wagon and brings it back to a charging station to be recharged.
Mark Möller, Head of Development at Volkswagen Group Components said:

“The mobile charging robot will spark a revolution when it comes to charging in different parking facilities, such as multistorey car parks, parking spaces and underground car parks because we bring the charging infrastructure to the car and not the other way around. With this, we are making almost every car park electric, without any complex individual infrastructural measures”.

“The compact design of the charging robot is perfectly suited for use in restricted parking areas without charging infrastructures, such as underground car parks. Even the well-known problem of a charging station being blocked by another vehicle will no longer exist with our concept. You simply choose any parking space as usual. You can leave the rest to our electronic helper.”

Who knows if this would actually work but if VW or someone else could make it a reality it would make EV charging so much easier.

Volkswagen Mobile Charging Robot

Volkswagen Mobile Charging Robot

Volkswagen Mobile Charging Robot
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