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VW Drive Easy - 8 years max coverage - best price - negotiable / Alternative Warranty Companies

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So I am a sucker.

I was looking for a 10 year warranty, but every dealer I am calling has been quoting 8 years as the max they offer!? Should we be scared about year 9!??? Anyway..

Has anyone been offered Drive Easy for more than 8 years

For those that got the 8year 100k, what did you pay and where? It seems most dealers will sell these plans over the phone so if anyone got a great deal, please share ...and save me calling again and again and again, lol.

Side note - one dealer tried to offer me a package through a company called RoadVantage - ever heard of them? It was longer, 10yr/150k and cheaper than the 8yr VW one. Any thoughts on that would be welcome!

Thank you all!
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unless you are on a very fixed budget, I would highly recommend against paying for an extended warranty on a vehicle that is under warranty. Even then you still have 4 years more of coverage for the only truly expensive part on the car - the battery. You'd be far better off investing the $ you think you want to spend on an extended warranty and in 8 years when battery warranty is gone perhaps then spend the money on a nice vacation. lol. Or use that money for the little repairs that the car may need. Again, highly recommend against any extended warranty for a new vehicle. If you get burned in 4yr and 1 mo. I'll give you my address and you can come punch me in the gut.
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