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Volkswagen Group has a number of electric performance cars in the pipeline across its multitude of brands, Automobile Magazine reports.

One of these performance EVs has been on the automotive world’s radar for quite a while – the Mission E. Automobile’s Report divulges some interesting new info on Porsche’s first-ever series production EV, such as that it will be available in 402, 536, and 670 hp versions. The report also indicates a 936 hp version could become available, which would be afforded by mounting two 375 hp electric motors to the rear end of the car and a 186 hp motor to the front. Madness.

The Mission E’s J1 platform will also spawn an Audi model variant, which is currently being referred to as the e-Tron GT. According to Automobile, both Porsche and Audi are hoping to deliver a low, full-size, battery electric four seater with attractive proportions and good power and torque delivery. A Bentley model on the J1 platform is also said to be in the works, which may be called the Barnato.

In addition to Porsche, Audi and Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti are also eyeing down performance EVs. Lamborghini recently made it clear that it’s interested in battery electric supercars with the debut of the pure electric Terzo Millenio, but its first production EV won’t be a two-seat hypercar, allegedly. Instead, it will be a 2+2 coupe called the “Nuova E-Spada” – a play on the Espada nameplate introduced back in 1968. This car sounds as though it will be based on a platform to be shared with Bugatti, which is to use it on an EV called the Atlantic.

The first of these rumored models to arrive will be the Mission E – which is due in late 2019.

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