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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover this week, showing another electric variant based on its MEB platform and it’s the coolest.

The I.D. Buzz Cargo is a vehicle that trades the surfboards for digitalized cargo solutions.

The biggest difference, as with any delivery van, is that back windows have been removed. The Buzz Cargo also extends a little farther back over the back wheels to add extra cargo capacity, making 199 inches long, 78 inches wide, and 77 inches tall.

But the differences are more than skin deep. The concept promises, er… “extremely good space.” Look, it’s a perfectly cromulent quote, because VW does more than embiggen the Buzz.

Up front, you get a screen that utilizes the sigh “internet of things” to keep track of cargo. In concert with electrified shelves, delivery people can request an item from the front seat and have it ready at the door when they open the cargo bay door.

The Buzz Cargo also offers automated driving and a range of 205 miles to 342 miles depending on the battery size. The solar panels on the roof will allegedly add 10 miles of range over the course of a day as well.

Just imagine seeing this thing, rolling by with awesome logos on the side and great liveries. Let’s encourage more companies to buy these. Let’s make the roads chic again.

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