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The ID.3 will come with three different battery sizes that should meet everyone's range needs. The First Edition ID.3s will come with a 58-kWh battery that will deliver 261 miles (420 km) based on the WLTP rating (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure).

Afterwards the ID.3 will come with a smaller 45-kWh battery that provides 205 miles (330 km) of range (WLTP), and a larger 77-kWh battery that has 342 miles (550 km) of range (WLTP)

45-kWh battery - 205 miles (330 km) WLTP
58-kWh battery - 261 miles (420 km) WLTP
77-kWh battery - 342 miles (550 km) WLTP

Those range numbers are in the same ballpark as the Tesla Model 3 which comes with 2 battery options.

62 kWh battery - 254 miles (409 km) WLTP,
75 kWh battery - 348 miles (560 km) WLTP

If I were to choose It'd have to be between the 58-kWh and 77-kWh batteries because I don't want to worry about range. I'm curious to see what others think.
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