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If you ordered an ID.3 Hatchback, It might be sitting in this parking lot:

"There should be a secret VW ID3 heap in one place, not far from our location in Leipzig.

Volkswagen has been producing VW ID.3 stockpile for months. The software for the car is still under development and will be installed at a later date. Spread across Germany, tens of thousands of ID.3s must be parked as inconspicuously as possible.

In this video Stefan goes in search of the secret places and also finds something. He comes into conflict with the law, is stopped by the police, and is fined.

This week we received another hot tip. We will check this and if it turns out to be true, the next exciting video will be released next week. So subscribe to the channel and ring the bell. If you like our channel, we would be happy to recommend us via social media and messenger."

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