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VW ID.3 vs. Nissan Leaf

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When the ID.3 comes out in Europe (and hopefully North America) one of its main competitors will be the Nissan Leaf. Here's how the two cars stack up with each other and on paper at least the ID.3 has the advantage with price, range, and battery size. While the Leaf is a bigger car and has more storage space.

Volkswagen ID.3

Under €30,000 ($33,034)

Battery Size & Range:
45-kWh battery - 205 miles (330 km) WLTP
58-kWh battery - 261 miles (420 km) WLTP
77-kWh battery - 342 miles (550 km) WLTP

Charging Type:

Length: 167.7 inches (4,261 mm)
Width: 71.2 inches (1,809 mm)
Height: 61.1 inches (1,552 mm)
Wheelbase: 108.8 inches (2,765 mm)
Cargo Space: 13.6 cubic feet (385 liters) behind the second row of seats.

Nissan Leaf
€36,800 ($40,522)

Battery Size & Range:
40kWh battery - 168 miles (270 km) WLTP

Charging Type:

Length: 176.4 inches (4,480 mm)
Width: 70.5 inches (1,790 mm)
Height: 61.6 inches (1,565 mm)
Wheelbase: 106.3 inches (2,700 mm)
Cargo Space: 23.6 cubic feet (668 liters) behind the second row of seats.
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Autocar compared the ID.3 to the Leaf in a new video review.

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