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VW ID.4 Is One Of The Most Affordable BEVs Per Mile Of Range

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Inside EVs have listed which EVs are the most affordable per mile of range and the ID.4 is 6th on the list. According to their numbers the ID.4 Pro costs $164/mile. With the federal tax credit it could be $134/mile.

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This chart does not compare apples for apples. Therefore, it is incorrect. They have AWD compared to RWD. They also aren’t comparing the extra’s in each vehicle, ie: leather, sunroof, heat pump, etc. It must be broken down into categories. It is just a range comparison. It is misleading!
I would say these stats are still very valuable when isolating cost per mile
With what you said factored in, I bet the ID.4's position might change around a bit, just nothing significant.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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