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VW ID.4 Specs?

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I'm organizing this thread so we can add to the thread as more details about the specs of the ID4 are either rumored or revealed. As of now, we just know general platform information because the ID.4 will share so much with the ID.3. There are still many specs to report.

The ID4, like the ID3, is rear-wheel-drive, which offers superior driving dynamics over much of the competition--like the Hyundai Kona--that is front wheel drive. An all-wheel-drive version will follow later. VW has not provided many specs yet, with more specification details to be revealed later.

The ID4 shares the MEB platform with the ID3, and other upcoming VW Group EV models, so final specs will likely be similar to the ID3. That means we can expect a 201 hp electric motor drawing power from a 58 kWh battery that offers at least 200 miles of range. DC fast charging using the SAE Combo protocol will allow the ID4 to charge rapidly using the Ionity network in Europe, Electrify America in the USA, and Electrify Canada in Canada. Less expensive ID4 trims will follow with less range and perfomance.
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These specs are from a VW internal document that was leaked.

VW ID.4 Specs:

Length - 4,580 mm
Wheelbase - 2,766 mm
Turning Circle - 10.2 m
Battery Size - 82b, 78n
Range (WLTP) - 522 km
Charging (DC) - 125 kW
Acceleration - 8.5 seconds
Price - 44,500 euros (RWD) 49,000 euros (AWD)

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VW of America Brochure showing Interior/Exterior views


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