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Hi, I ordered my 1st Edition ID.4 on 12/02/2021. I was informed last week that it would be arriving to the dealership week commencing 8th March 2021. On Thursday, by chance, I saw that the dealership sales manager had posted a picture of an ID.4 in the colour I ordered on social media. I was told that only 1 car was arriving on 1st delivery in my colour, so I presumed that this was my car. I contacted my sales guy, and told him I had saw the online posting, and that I presumed that my car was now with them. He confirmed that it was, and that the car in the image was not my actual car. It was another they had ordered because “they liked that colour so much”. I. Accepted this, no issues. I asked for a video of the car they had in the showroom, so that I could see an actual right hand drive version for the first time, and also to check out the spec. It was received and after a few excuses, I got the video the next day.
Meanwhile, the guy who had posted the online pics, added a comment stating that car in the images was now sold and customer was picking up in 3 days. my sales guy said that he knew nothing of the tweets, and that it was impossible for the buyer to pick up the car after 3 days, due to it not being PDI’d.
Then back to the discussion about my car and possible delivery. I was told it was at the PDI centre. Having software updates. 2.1 is currently taking 3 days, and that the whole PDI process is currently 5 days (including the 2.1 update (??) and that my car would not be ready until late the following week (8 days, but only maybe ??).
I am starting to feel very suspicious about what is going on. Can any new car buyer give me some reassurance that what is happening here is normal procedure?.. because I don’t feel like it is. The whole experience so far has taken away the excitement of collecting the vehicle. I don’t feel as if I am being treated with respect and given the honesty that I expect from anyone that I deal with.
if you are an ID.3 owner or are in the same position as me with your ID.4 order, please let me know your experience. I need some reassurance that maybe PDI does take over a week for a new model. I am finding this all a bit suspect.
For your order the dealer got a Configuration Number that aligns a produced car to an order. Then they will get an updated production sheet that provides details on car VIN, production date, completion date, shipping date and projected ETA.
The dealer should share this with you without any problem. My dealer sent me the production sheet and info weeks ago. That said also be aware that VW did ship some demo cars to dealers before customer ordered FEs.
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