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VW id3 1st Plus in Sweden 馃嚫馃嚜

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I have been in the car biz off and on since the early 90s when I worked at Nissan Design Studios in Los Angeles the last 10 years I spent as Service Manager at a Peugeot Fiat Alfa Romeo Abarth dealership in Sweden so I think I know cars. The last couple of daily drivers have been Toyota Prius and Mercedes E-class Hybrid in November 2018 I took delivery of a Tesla 3 during the 90 days I owned it it had 5 breakdowns and spent at total 37 days with Tesla Service after that my leasing company forced Tesla to take it back and I bought an off lease Toyota Auris Sport Wagon Hybrid I started to check out what BEV was available in Sweden and testdrove most of them from Porsche Peugeot Kia Honda BMW Hyundai Polestar Mazda VW but the one I realy wanted was the Ford Mustang Mach E talking to Ford dealers I found out that the Mach E GT wount be available in Sweden untill late 2022 also the one that impressed me most the BMW i3 was a bit to small for us During a visit to my local VW dealer who had earlier let me drive their demo id3 Max for a week to find out moore about the iD4 he mentioned that they had one last id3 1st Plus that he could give me on a 24month privatlease with a great deal including service winter wheels and 2 years free Ionity charging (Volkswagen needed to deliver a bunch of id3 before the end of the year) so 3 weeks ago I picked up my id3 (with 0783 software update) and so far it's been a great experience the cabin feels roomy the LED Matrix headlights are awesome 200+ hp rear wheel drive with most of the weight down low makes it fun to drive and the range is just perfect for what we use it for I have a couple of ICE cars for fun 1968 Ford Mustang 1983 VW Passat and 2002 Fiat Abarth also a Ducati a Royal Enfield and a bunch of 60s Vespa

Looking forward to the 2.1 software update and hope that VW can deliver what Tesla could not...
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Congrats. We bought an ID.3 recently here in the UK to replace my wife's aging Golf (almost 11 years old). We're really happy with the car, despite a fairly long list of ongoing software problems. However, I'm confident that VW will resolve them - eventually!

We also have a Tesla Model 3 in the household too since that's "my" car. Thankfully we haven't had any serious issues with it, except for a handful of relatively minor issues at delivery (bumper alignment, bonnet alignment, some damage to one of the door cards, steering misaligned). In some ways, the ID.3 is the better car over the Tesla, but the Tesla Supercharger network is still the ace in their hand, and the car overall sits in a higher market (and price) bracket than the ID.3 so not surprisingly it does feel a little more luxurious and better equipped inside. However, I think the ID.3 will out-last it in terms of build quality and the basic automotive engineering underneath.
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Picked up an ID.3 on the 29th Dec in the UK. Currently getting 1.8mi/kwh on short runs around town, temps 0 - 5, not impressed. Car was delivered with 0564 with the promise to upgrade to 0783. Next Move have highlighted this efficiency issue to VW and it seems to be a common occurrence in Germany now the temperatures have dropped.

What sort of efficiency are you seeing and are you preheating (not all functionality is available on 0564)

It can be really awful consumption on short journeys in the cold. My suspicion is that battery heating is pulling a lot of power. I did a drive of about 80 miles last week at temps of around 1 deg C. The fist 25 miles was showing consumption of 35kWh/100km (1.8 mi//kWh), but this dropped to an average of 19kWh/100km (3.27 mi/kWh) by the end of the drive.
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