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VW ID4 and Tesla Model Y collision impact

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I owned model 3 for 2 yrs and Now After buying ID4 I feel Tesla model 3 and Y ( I drove Y for sometime) are very light in body structure and hence has better pickup than ID4. I also feel if there is front collision between Y and ID4, Model Y has no chance to except being Totalled. Model Y exterior are very thin gauge sheets of aluminum plus plastic exterior and interior are thinner than plastic spoons. I know ID4 is 400lbs heavier than Model Y.
What are your thoughts?
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Heavy always wins in a crash (everything else being equal). ;)

Use of aluminum in any vehicle is good for weight savings but there is still a need for high strength steel, especially in chassis structure. VAG knows how to use aluminum; I've always appreciated the Audi TT Mk3 layout below.

I feel the ID.4 should have an aluminum hood. Not sure if that was a cost cutting or structural design consideration. I like [hope] to think the latter.

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