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VW is working on an ID.4 R and Alltrack wagon

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During the Chicago Auto Show CNET talked with Hein Schafer, Volkswagen's senior vice president of product marketing and they asked him about an electric performance SUV from VW.

Not only is one happening, but VW is already working on it, Schafer said.

"R ... are definitely looking at finding ways to extract a little bit of a faster 0-60, and I've seen some very cool body kits and design sketches of what potentially could be an ID Crozz R," Schafter said. "I think a lot of it depends of whether they can extract a little bit more horsepower and a faster 0-60, but they are thinking about that."

Schafer also said VW is considering an Alltrack version of l the ID Space Vizzion concept for production. "We've had some discussions with Wolfsburg whether that car could work as a kind of Volvo crossover with body cladding and slightly higher suspension."

I love that VW is making performance version of the ID lineup, I think this ID.4 R (Crozz) will be a big hit. Also it's going to be interesting to see VW go after Volvo if they do make the Alltrack version of the Space Vizzion.
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