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VW May Develop Full-Size Electric Pickup Truck For US

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Volkswagen of America Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy Hein Schafer made an appearance on the Autoline After Hours podcast and was about the possibility of VW introducing a small truck to the United States.

Schafer says that the company isn't interested in introducing new combustion-powered vehicles in America but doesn't shoot down the pickup idea all together.

Schafer says the MEB platform gives the automaker opportunity to explore new things. This "does give us potentially the opportunity to bring some kind of small midsize pickup or maybe something a little bit larger," Schafer said.

He offered some other hints, too. "It wouldn't be a myth to think potentially about something larger on the BEV platform, too. If we do build a large SUV on the BEV platform, then a large pickup might also make sense," Schafer said.

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I read it could come to the U.S. once Ford confirms local production of the next-generation Ranger!
VW sell a very large number of Amarok ICE pickups in Europe so it is inevitable that they’ll launch a BEV pickup at some point. Who knows if it will come to the US.
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