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Volkswagen just filed to reserve a bunch of interesting hybrid and electric vehicle-related badges with the European Intellectual Property Office.

One of the most interesting of these badges is the one that seems performance-related: Power Hybrid. It’s not clear what exactly VW is planning to do with the Power Hybrid name (if anything at all) but another name it filed to reserve, ‘Range Hybrid’, may provide some insight. If a Power Hybrid uses the electric portion of its powertrain to deliver more performance, then we assume a Range Hybrid would be focused on efficiency.

VW also called dibs on the name ‘Pure Hybrid’. We’re not sure what this could be for, as ‘Pure’ doesn’t have the same obvious meaning as ‘Power’ or ‘Range’ – but perhaps this badge would be used on a hybrid vehicle that aims to deliver a balance between performance and fuel efficiency/driving range. VW claimed the rights to the ‘Range’ and ‘Range S’ badges in the EU at the same time as well, which are also rather ambiguous.

For what it’s worth, all of these trademarks were filed under trademark classifications reserved for “electric batteries for vehicles; electric accumulators for vehicles; chargers for electric batteries,” and “motor vehicles; automobiles; driverless vehicles; motors and drives for land vehicles; electric vehicles and electric motors for land vehicles.”
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These would all make terrible standalone vehicle names, so it seems more likely that they will instead be used to denote VW’s hybrid vehicles with certain plug-in powertrain types. For example, a future Golf plug-in may be offered as an efficiency-focused ‘Range Hybrid’ or a sportier ‘Power Hybrid’. The names could even apply to driving modes. Again, we’re just spitballing ideas here. Who really knows what VW has planned for these names?

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